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Your Stories

Whether you’re a preschool teacher, a parent, educator or a supporter of the campaign we want to hear your story about preschool.

“I teach in a lower socio-economic region where all our children and families have complex needs. I know that every day I make a significant contribution to building a community where benefits are evident to our children, their immediate families and the wider community. Preschool education matters to me and should matter to all Australians who want a better tomorrow, who believe that children have the right to high quality play based learning now and for generations to come.”

Simone Callaghan– educator

"As a prep classroom teacher, I have seen the positive impact 15 hours of preschool has for children transitioning to primary school. Students' increased stamina means that they are better able to regulate both their concentration and their emotions throughout the school day."

Seir Holley– educator

“The program gave our four year old the structure she needed to get ready for school and the freedom to develop her own learning”

Natalie Jiricek– parent

“Preschool is such an important step in a child's education. Children develop language skills, social skills, emotional intelligence and so much more in an environment that is safe, nurturing and age appropriate. So many children will miss out on life-long skills if they don't have enough time in preschool education. 15 hours of preschool benefits children not just in preparation for school but for life!”

Diana Santeara – parent

Tell your story

For us to impact our politicians, we need more than facts – we need stories. The most powerful are local stories, about real people in their electorate.

Your story can make a difference to the campaign. Share yours now.

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